m420 Deluxe Review

At a cursory glance, the first thing that really stands out to me when reviewing the m420 Deluxe kit is, unfortunately, the price. At $150 compared to a mere $65 for the base unit, I was feeling a bit doubtful that the kit’s bounties would adequately suffice the sizable mark-up. Fortunately for the person reading this, my trepidations proved to be unfruitful. It is in fact, a can’t miss deal.

Incredibowl m420 Deluxe

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Incredibowl m420 Vapor Dome vs. Prometheus Oil Kits

Incredibowl Turtle Dome VS Prometheus Oil Kits

Incredibowl m420 Turtle Dome vs. Prometheus Oil Kits

Smoke Quality

While the Incredibowl seems a more difficult hit with the rounded nail that is included, it actually produced some very thick and potent vapor to my surprise. The Prometheus also held up well and performed its good duty, but the hits just weren’t flowing the same way.

I’d have to chalk it up perhaps to the patented carb system on the Incredibowl, and how it provides a flushing effect like none other. It also seemed to work very well on a water pipe whereas the Prometheus just wasn’t giving the same kind of quality on a consistent basis. Bottom line is, you can use them both, enjoy them both, but for my money, when it comes to sheer volume per dab, the Incredibowl was a bit ahead in this department.

Advantage: Incredibowl Vapor Dome


The Prometheus’s glass on the down stem and globe seemed to be a bit sturdier and trustworthy to my mind when I held them in my hand as opposed to the Incredibowl. And let’s face it, with the Sherlock Pipe as well in the latter’s case, there’s simply a whole lot more glass to have an accident with. The advantage has to go the other way as you are minimizing the vulnerability when you have the stem and dome as the only¬† true extensions to the rugged base unit rather than it be one of many accessories that surrounds(ironically), the most durable part of the product(Sherlock Pipe encasing the m420 itself.

The Sherlock Home is a nice touch to provide some much needed stability, but without it, you really are taking your investment into your hands. And an accidental drop of the Vapor Dome is much chancier than the Prometheus taking a dive with the oil kit attached. Just sayin’.

Advantage: Prometheus Oil Kits

The Prometheus Oil Kit comes standard with a titanium nail, while the Incredibowl gives you a glass nail.

The Prometheus Oil Kit comes standard with a titanium nail, while the Incredibowl gives you a glass nail.


Well, as stated above, the Sherlock Home makes for a very steady base and a good stationary unit to enjoy, but if you want to be mobile with the Sherlock Pipe sans the base, you better have some bubble wrap with you. It is much lighter than the Titan to take with you on the go, but where are you going to put all that glass and be sure no bump in the road or single misstep is going to abruptly end your experience with it?

The Prometheus while bulky, can be stashed wherever and however you want, and simply unattaching the few components of the oil kit is going to run a much lesser risk than an entire Glass pipe along with them(Sherlock).

Advantage: Prometheus Oil Kits

Ease of Use

Even though the titanium nail included with the Prometheus Oil Kit is obviously preferable to the quartz one included with the Incredibowl Vapor Dome, I myself made the most of the rounded quartz and still was able to get some shockingly good draws with it. Reason being it seemed to still hold the heat in a manner that the nail included in the Prometheus set did not. I’ll be honest and say in retrospect that perhaps because it was quartz, I may have held the heat on it a bit longer, but I can only go from what I experienced, and the Incredibowl was just giving more overall.

I will say that if you place too much material on the rounded nail in the Vapor Dome, it may run off and drip a bit, so practice moderation in that sense. And I’d definitely tell you to upgrade to the titanium nail for the VaporDome Kit when you grab it(not included with the set). The Prometheus does have the titanium nail included in the standard package and it does indeed work just dandy.

Advantage: Incredibowl Vapor Dome

The dabber you get with the Prometheus is also an improvement over the one you get from Incredibowl.

The dabber you get with the Prometheus is also an improvement over the one you get from Incredibowl.


Again, I’d have to say the innovative design of the Incredibowl products are what see them through to victory time and again, but to each their own. I happen to like the bigger chamber of the Sherlock Pipe, and the ability to see the vapor inside during use.

The overall flow of the instrument just seems more user friendly, and the transformation a more complete one as opposed to the Prometheus add-on that sits atop the traditional pipe. The Vapor Dome takes the integration of the two worlds one step further, and that decides the winner for me. Both have their highs and lows, but in order to beat the champ, you’ve got to knock them out. Incredibowl Vapor Dome FTW.