Doug Benson loves The Incredibowl m420

Doug Benson loves The Incredibowl m420

Below are some frequently asked questions I have gotten from friends or some questions I have seen asked online about the Incredibowl.

Is the Incredibowl a vaporizer?

What is included with the Incredibowl i420 Deluxe Edition?

Does the quick draw release system work with the Incredibowl i420?

Does the Incredibowl use a screen?

Does using the Incredibowl feel like using a water tool?

What difference does the 10” expansion chamber make?

How do you clean the Incredibowl?

Where can I buy the Incredibowl?

For more frequently asked questions on both the Incredibowl i420 and the Incredibowl Mini m420 check out EZVapes.com

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  • Devo

    I’ve bought 2 glass bowls and they both went to shit. I’ve had this 60$ bowl for 2 weeks and hit it 3 times. ? Why does this shit keep breaking?!!