How to clean the Incredibowls

The i420 and m420 easily break down into sections for quick cleaning.

Cleaning the Incredibowl is not a difficult task, but many take some shortcuts that have less than desirable results. Here I will go over how to clean each piece of the different Incredibowls.

Incredibowl m420

Glass Bowl

Simply soak the bowl in rubbing alcohol over night. The next day dump the bowl out and rinse it under warm water for at least 5 minutes. This will get any alcohol left over on the bowl off so you don’t end up with a nasty taste. By the end your bowl should look like new.

Do not shake the bowl while it is soaking, the m420 bowls tend to be a little thinner than the i420 bowls, so you run the risk of breaking it.

Expansion Chamber

First of all, DO NOT put it in the dishwasher. Yes it may survive, but it is going to melt/warp and most likely be impossible to put back on the m420. The best way to clean the chamber is to just use soapy water and scrub off any coloring you see building up. Afterwards, use a paper towel to dry it off and let it air dry the rest of the way and you will be good to go.

I also like to twist some paper towels into kind of a straight line, so I can put that in the middle of the tube and twist, cleaning every inch of the inside.

The Incredibowl comes with some extra screens, o-rings, and a metal poker to help clean.

Bowl Armor

As opposed to the expansion chamber, the Bowl Armor actually is perfect to throw into the dishwasher if you want. If not you can also use the same method of soapy water that you use with the expansion chamber. Either method will have your Bowl Armor shining like new.


DO NOT clean the screens. Buy new ones. You can only get a standard screen like the Incredibowl uses so clean and using new ones is just much easier. Screens are cheap and you can find them in packs of 12 most times.

Incredibowl i420

Glass Bowl

Soak your i420 bowl in some rubbing alcohol over night if cleaning the bowl isn’t exactly an emergency. However, there is actually a nice shortcut here. If you soak the bowl for only about an hour, you can then shake the container you have it in, obviously have a top like with tupperware, and that usually gets everything loose enough to wash off with a quick rinse of warm water.

Expansion Chamber

As with the m420, do not put the expansion chamber in the dishwasher. Use the same method of soapy water to wash it off. Since the chamber is larger you can actually take a rag and twist it right through the middle of the tube to rinse it quickly and easily.

Bowl Armor

Throw your Bowl Armor right in the washing machine. I like to actually stand it straight up on one of the pegs, which keeps it in place while washing. Before you do wash it though make sure you remove the screen cap and glass bowl. If you don’t have a dishwasher then some soapy water will work fine, you just have to put a little manual labor in.


Once again do not clean the screens. They are too tough to clean completely and they are cheap as dirt when you order them online.

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  • Bdingolingo

    the small screen that is inside chamber can be cleaned and reused many times using alcohol the screen inside the bowl yes clean is best~