How to Use

How to Use the Incredibowl

The following are some simple step by step instructions to follow when using your Incredibowl. These steps can be used with either the Incredibowl i420 or the Incredibowl Mini m420.

Packing the bowl outside of the Bowl Armor ensures you don’t accidentally drop material down to the screen.

Step 1: Pack the glass bowl on the Incredibowl

When packing the bowl always remove it from the Incredibowl. It may seem easier to pack it in while it is already inserted in the Bowl Armor but you just run the risk of pushing the bowl in too far and dealing with the pain of removing it later to clean. You can pack the Incredibowl with either ground up material or use it whole. Either way will work, but make sure that no matter what you do you pack it tight. This will avoid material spilling in or out of the glass bowl.

When holding the i420, tilt it at a slight angle to make sure no material falls out.

Step 2: Light the Incredibowl

Aim your lighter so the flame rests right in front of your material in the glass bowl, do NOT hold the flame under the glass bowl itself. This could risk breaking or cracking the glass. When the flame is centered in front of the bowl simply pull on the expansion chamber and you will see the chamber fill with smoke.

Pull the Bowl Armor away from you to quickly clear the chamber.

Step 3: Clear the Incredibowl

Once the chamber is full with your desired amount of smoke simply pull on the Bowl Armor. This will allow fresh air to rush in and clear the chamber. You can even pull multiple times without re-lighting the material.

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  • Patty Parfait

    Love the m420! What a great smoking device! Highly recommend. But you do have to go online for cleaning instructions!