i420 Review

Purple Incredibowl i420 with angled glass bowl

Purple Incredibowl i420 with angled glass bowl

Incredibowl i420 Review

The Incredibowl i420 is something you may be familiar with by now, due to all the attention it has been getting since its release. If you are not very familiar with it then you have landed at the right spot. At its core the Incredibowl is a portable smoking device designed with durability, convenience, and ease of use in mind. Lets take a look at what exactly the i420 has to offer.

The Incredibowl i420 measures just about 8 inches, making it an easy size to handle. There is a nice weight to it, mostly due to the aluminum upper carb system that I will get into shortly. It feels really sturdy and I don’t think you’ll be breaking this thing easily at all. The expansion chamber is made of a shatter proof polycarbonate and the upper carb system I just mentioned is made of anodized aluminum. The aluminum carb system is actually called the “Bowl Armor” which references how it wraps around the glass bowl you put your material in, protecting it from breaking. The Incredibowl i420 also came packed in a nice black tube carrying case. At first you might think it is just something to toss, but definitely save that as it comes in handy when you need to take the Incredibowl with you. Finally at the bottom of the black tube carrying case there was a metal poker. This metal poker is great for stirring your material in the bowl or even getting old material out of the bowl. A minor addition but definitely a welcome one.

Using the Incredibowl really couldn’t be any easier. Right when you take a glance at the i420 you will know how to use it. Your material is inserted in the glass bowl that is contained within the Bowl Armor. You can either grind your material or leave it whole, either will work fine. However, you must pack the bowl tight in order to get the most out of it. Packing it tight also stops it from either falling into the Incredibowl or out of the bowl completely. Once the bowl is set you hold the i420 parallel to the ground facing you, or tilted a little bit upwards to avoid any material falling out. Next by holding the lighter in front of the material and pulling from the expansion chamber the flame will suck into the bowl lighting it. Once the chamber is filled with your desired amount of material you pull the Bowl Armor outwards, which will let fresh air in and clear the chamber.

Pullign the BowlArmor to carb the i420 is a quick and easy method that is actually pretty fun too.

The Incredibowl delivers excellent smoke quality. The smoke is always cool and you can take gigantic pulls without putting too much stress on your lungs. It is basically like using a water tool, but without the water and the bulky glass size. Picture instead of pulling a bowl piece out of a water tool you are instead just pulling the Bowl Armor, which then springs back into place when you release it. It really makes smoking a simple and hassle free process, what more can you ask for?

One thing I don’t like very much about the Incredibowl i420 would have to be the inability to properly see the bowl you are lighting. When holding the i420 parallel to the ground the bowl is hidden out of sight by the Bowl Armor. Now of course you have an idea of where the bowl’s general area is, in the middle of the Bowl Armor, but not being able to actually see the bowl and put the flame to it can be annoying at times. After time I was able to judge it pretty well and it didn’t really remain an issue, but definitely still worth mentioning.

The other thing that can be a little annoying is if the glass bowl pushes too far into the Bowl Armor. Getting any type of grip on the bowl to push it back out is really really hard and most times you are just better off completely taking the Bowl Armor apart and pushing it back out from the inside. This can really be bothersome if it happens often, so be careful you don’t ever push it too far in.

In summation the Incredibowl i420 is an amazing portable smoking device that has changed the way I smoke for the foreseeable future. I highly suggest picking one up as soon as you can and experience what all the hype has been about recently.

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