m420 vs i420

Incredibowl m420 vs i420

The m420 alongside the older and larger i420.

Incredibowl i420 vs Incredibowl m420

The two versions of the Incredibowl may seem very straight forward as to which you should purchase, but there is definitely more to delve into other than “this one is big and this one is small”. Here we will compare vital selling points of each Incredibowl to further educate you on which one might suit you better.

Smoke Quality:

I found that with both the Incredibowl i420 and the Incredibowl m420 you can get really huge pulls and both deliver smooth pulls as well. Of course with the Incredibowl i420 the expansion chamber is larger so it enables you to take larger pulls, but the Incredibowl Mini still holds its own. It is hard to give the edge to one Incredibowl over the other in this category because they both live up to their reputation of delivering a really smooth smoking experience.

Advantage: Push


One of the Incredibowl’s main selling points is its freakish durability. I say freakish because there are videos everywhere of these things getting run over by cars and still remaining in tact. The i420 to me has a slight edge in the durability category however. The reason being is the m420, with it being smaller, has less room between the annular Bowl Armor and the edge of the glass bowl. So this basically makes it easier for the glass bowl to hit the aluminum Bowl Armor and crack or break it. This isn’t to say the m420 isn’t durable, it is, but it just is not as durable as the Incredibowl i420.

Advantage: Incredibowl i420

Although overall different in size, the i420 and m420 have similarly sized bowls.


This category’s winner is a little more obvious right off the bat. The Incredibowl Mini is essentially the Incredibowl i420 thrown into a shrink ray. The i420 is still pretty portable in my opinion but a lot of people are very picky when it comes to size. The Incredibowl i420 is not pocket size and could only fit in a purse if you have a pretty big purse. The i420 is more for that person who has a backpack they carry with them often, whereas the Incredibowl Mini could fit in pretty much anyone’s pocket. I said pretty much anyone because if you are a girl (or guy for that matter) wearing extremely tight jeans with really small pockets then you are not going to find the m420 comfortable to fit in your pocket.

Advantage: Incredibowl Mini m420


The Incredibowl has a decent amount of accessories, including expansion chambers for both the i420 and m420 to make the polycarbonate expansion chamber a massive 10 inches. The Incredibowl Mini m420, however, has the quick draw release system. This small aluminum trigger connects right to the m420 and can even give you the ability to hook it to a key chain (in some cases coming with a key chain). Once connected, the m420 can be purged by simply pressing the trigger down, instead of pulling the Bowl Armor. This is very convenient for using the Incredibowl very quickly. It basically expedites the process by allowing you to light the bowl and press down on the trigger all in one action, instead of lighting it, putting the lighter down or to the side, and pulling.

Advantage: Incredibowl Mini m420

Price Point:

The Incredibowl ranges anywhere from around $75 for the Incredibowl Mini all the way up to around $220 for the Deluxe Edition. When looking at the i420 and m420 specifically I believe both justify their price very well. The m420 is obviously cheaper and you are getting a more portable product, but you sacrifice a little with durability. Either way you will not purchase the Incredibowl and regret it.

Advantage: Push


In my opinion there is no one thing that makes one Incredibowl better than the other, it is all about preference. If you are someone looking for something to use at home or at a friend’s house then I’d definitely go for the Incredibowl i420. But if you instead need something to take with you for smoke breaks at work, or quick use when outside I would definitely recommend the Incredibowl Mini m420.

Other Quick Comparisons:

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  • TonyDiaz_81

    Thank you so much for this detailed review of your oppinion comparing the m420 and the i420, it helped me much on deciding which to purchase for my needs…