Incrediblowl m420 vs. Prometheus Pocket

Incredibowl m420 VS Prometheus Pocket Pipe

Incredibowl Mini vs. The Prometheus Pocket Pipe

Is there finally a pipe that is going to give the Incredibowl m420 a run for its money? If there ever was, the Prometheus Pocket just might be it.

Smoke Quality

Both the Prometheus Pocket Pipe and Incredibowl m420 offer rock-solid pulls and deep lung-busting rips if your heart so desires, so it’s a delicate matter to say one is superior to the other. The way that I am able to make that distinction is that the Incredibowl just seems to pull easier with less effort and match your preference more accurately than the Prometheus is capable of doing.

The catch here is that with the fine mesh filter on the Incredibowl, unless you stay on top of your game with upkeep, hits may suffer and thus your overall experience, which could give the edge to Prometheus. Bottom line is that it’s a close call, but the m420 hits a bit smoother and a bit easier giving it the win.

Advantage: Incredibowl m420


Another case of oranges and oranges. Both of these ultra-premium pieces are made from virtually indestructible anodized aluminum which encloses the strong reinforced glass smoking chambers underneath, so both are going to probably be usable after the apocalypse.

If I had to split hairs and make a choice between the two I would choose the Incredibowl based on the fact that the Prometheus has a certain element to the design of it’s stem which reveals small areas of the glass, thereby rendering a weak point in it’s construction. Of course it would take quite a bit of shoddy luck, but if it takes a smash in just the right spot, it may very well crack or break the glass. Not cool.

Advantage: Incredibowl m420

Both pipes break apart to make cleaning very easy.

Both pipes break apart to make cleaning very easy.


This category is especially important to me as I tend to be on the go constantly, and like to have a trusty piece on my person at all times. Now the Incredibowl extends from 4.8 inches to 5.1 inches fully extended which is a full inch longer than the Prometheus’s  4 from bowl to tip.

The shorter the better for me as hand concealment  is vitally important, and there’s only so much that your palm is going to obscure. The other difference is that the Prometheus has an upright traditional bowl piece whereas the Incredibowl has the horizontal old school zeppelin type in effect. For me, the latter has always been a problem and I seem to lose some material at times due to simple gravity and the multitude of times the bowl happens to point down when you quick put it away. That will not happen with the Prometheus and the smaller bowl actually helps to hold the pack in tight and true.

Bottom line is whether you put the Prometheus facing up or down in your pocket, the bowl is never going to be facing directly down. The same cannot be said for the Incredibowl.

Advantage: Prometheus Pocket Pipe

Ease of Use

It was especially interesting to see the Prometheus come out on top here, but the multiple factors it has in its favor demand nothing less. Firstly, the resin chamber is easily accessible to clean and for whatever reason this pipe cleans in no time.

I found the Incredibowl consistently more difficult to get at and had to really scrub it at certain points to clean it up. Also, the screen on the Prometheus is sunken under the glass bowl, which means you never burn it and are only ever inhaling the pertinent material when you use it. The Incredibowl tends to gunk up faster, but of course that will ultimately depend on your frequency of use.

An advantage the Incredibowl does have over the Prometheus I might add, is that the size of the surface area of a pack is definitely greater than the Prometheus, thereby allowing many more fresh inhalations which is especially important when sharing amongst friends.  Unfortunately, between the two, the Prometheus Pocket Pipe never so much as gets a little hot, whereas the Incredibowl m420 can give you a tiny singe if you touch the bowl area at just the wrong time.

Advantage: Prometheus Pocket Pipe

Both glass bowls ar every close in size, with the Prometheus Pocket's being slightly bigger.

Both glass bowls ar every close in size, with the Prometheus Pocket’s being slightly bigger.


Now I’m not gonna lie and say this isn’t a very close call; it is. But in the end the deciding factor comes down to the uniquely exceptional quality of the actual moment of use, which would be the draw, the taste, the temp, and the fill of smoke one receives. The Prometheus just can’t compete when it comes to this all-important factor, and so all things considered, the m420 takes the crown.

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  • Jota#re

    Alright so i have had both thepockets(currently)and thr m420 along with my cousin.

    Smoke Quality:

    I have to give this one to the Prometheus because the incredibowl has a nice carb system but lacks in cooling the smoke while traveling toward you. Its real hot and the screen starts to make the smoke taste bad quickly. the only real cooling done is when one pulls the carb and the air inside is a bit cool. The Prometheus is quite nice as it directs smoke away into a type of chamber right before a screen and down a chamber as well. As the smoke travels the pipe usually is quite cool and intern cools the smoke on its way. The carb may not be as fancy but really helps cool the smoke.

    Construction and Durability:

    To start off the M420 uses a plastic chamber which can melt if left too long in alcohol or very hot water and let alone the tiny pieces when disassembling it(spring, screen, screen and spring holder, etc). i found it a bit difficult cleaning this pipe and almost lost my bowl down the drain a few times. I found that while smoking in a group when i would tell people about the carb they had the tendency to pull the whole bowl and armor off and kind of sucked. As with the Pocket the only two pieces to worry about are the screen and maybe the o ring which can be picked up at just about any where(unlike the special parts for the m420). I must say it feels really nice in ones hand like the Rambo version of gandof but its really easy to clean and I’ve dropped it once already(the stem) So this round is one by the prometheus because it screws together and it sorta just popped on.


    The titan strikes again. The incredibowl tends to drop material fast actually and if thrown in a pocket hope its facing up. The titan does not roll around when put down not does it tip as easily. I’m not too sure though the M420 fits really nice in a case. And you can store stash in the same smoke chamber. Again i have both and the are extremely durable. I have put all (m420, i420 and pocket)to the test and pushed their limits.

    Ease of use is given to the titan as well and well that just about sums up mu review. try the hammer pipe from grass city i heard it isn’t too bad. really thou you decide.

    • Don Bennett

      i too have owned both. i find the Prometheus to be a far better pipe. i have always used glass pipes and IMO Promtheus is the best i have ever owned. glass protected by nice to the touch metal. let me know when someone makes a better pipe:)