Incredibowl i420 vs. Prometheus Titan

Incredibowl i420 VS Prometheus Titan Pipe

Incredibowl i420 vs. Prometheus Titan

Smoke Quality

While both the Incredibowl and the Prometheus offer a full, smooth ultra-premium draw, it’s the unique design of the carb on the Incredibowl that gives it the easy edge here when you clear a hit.

Now the Prometheus hits even and steady, much better than a normal glass piece, but the unique function of the incredibowl and the ability of it’s chamber to milk up before the carb-release, just has no equal. Not even from a monster like the Titan.

Advantage: Incredibowl i420


Now even though there are small areas of the Titan that expose the glass encased inside the anodized aircraft-grade aluminum, I still have to give the advantage here to the Titan over the i420. I mean once you hold one of these tanks in your hand and feel the heft, you know that your pipe is going to be around a thousand years from now, long after they’re pickin’ your bones from the desert.

The i420 has a strong exterior shell and the bowl armor surely does it’s job at the base end, but it ‘s outer casing, while highly resilient, just pales in comparison to the sheer muscle of the Titan. The Titan is just two main pieces that unscrew at the joint, and that’s pretty much it. The Incredibowl, while ingenious in design has a lot more going on and thus, much more vulnerabilities. Easy win here for the Titan.

Advantage: Prometheus Titan

Despite neither being real portable, the Titan is a bit more compact than the i420.

Despite neither being really portable, the Titan is a bit more compact than the i420.


This was a very interesting comparison here as far as moving around with a unit in tow. On one hand the Titan is a good 2 inches shorter than the i420(8.7 vs. 6.5), which means it’s “sticking out” factor is indeed greater. However, when you move onto the weight of each unit, the Titan gets buried by the Incredibowl’s much lighter and versatile frame.

The difference is marked and if there’s one thing I cannot personally stand, it’s when my piece is weighing me down like an anchor when I’m on the move. Neither will go in your pocket obviously, but the i420 is just more forgiving and practical in it’s design and handling compared to the metal pipe-ish indestructible nature of the Incredibowl.

The Titan runs in two perpendicular planes with it’s stem and bowl piece at right angles, while the i420 is one smooth straight run from end to end. Perfect for a backpack or what have you. The choice is clear here.

Advantage: Incredibowl i420

Ease of Use

The Incredibowl wins this category in a very unconventional manner because when you look at the both of them side-by-side, the Titan is much simpler to understand and utilize at first glance. But even though the proper use of the Incredibowl is a little more detailed in nature, once you understand it’s proper function, it pays off in dividends, delivering a superior smoking experience through it’s unique steam-roller carb.

A chamber like this simply does not exist on the Titan, and so for just a wee bit more of effort, you are able to net a much greater effect than a traditional bowl can compete with. In other words, the i420 may be a bit more involved to use, but given it’s much greater respective payoff, it gives no advantage away to the dated and linear approach of the Titan. Also the Titan’s mouthpiece runs a bit big, and that never agreed with me when I would go to take a pull. It just feels less natural than the Incredibowl and a bit out of my own comfort zone.

Advantage: Incredibowl i420

The Titan's screen is a lot easier to replace, but is a very unique size.

The Titan’s screen is a lot easier to replace, but is a very unique size.


While you would be the toast of your friends to own either of these latest and greatest contraptions, the biggest difference between them is that the Incredibowl is more innovative and more intuitive in nature than the old standby carb-and-pull of the Titan which is, in effect just a very fancy glass bowl encased in some space-age material that improves on the original concept. It’s kind of sad really, because up against the i420, few products would have half a chance of topping its overall offering and package. It was a good battle, but the Incredibowl scores a K.O. late in the fight.

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  • Danny Navarro

    How is this fair it’s a post written by incredibowl kind of one sided if you ask me. Plus if you had the pocket not the Titan would have beat the incredibowl.