Incredibowl m420 All Weather Case

The Incredibowl m420 Deluxe’s custom foam contours the m420 and accessories to give it serious protection.

As you may know, the Incredibowl i420 comes both by itself and in a “Deluxe” package that includes a hard shell case, as well as an exclusive smaller bowl that you can only get with the Deluxe kit. Well, now the i420 isn’t the only one with a Deluxe kit, introducing the Incredibowl m420 Deluxe.As far as I can tell this is an exclusive offer, being as I’ve only found it in one place. Basically what you have here is the Incredibowl m420, but in addition you receive a small hard shell case that has custom cut shock resistant foam to fit the m420, a quick draw trigger, and one replacement bowl; all of which are included in the order.

The case is what most will be looking at when picking this up, especially since it is the one unique item to the order. It is pretty straight forward, a black hard shell case with a clamp in front used to hold the case closed. Inside is where the goods are.

In the case you will find custom foam that is made to specifically fit your Incredibowl m420, a matching quick draw, and finally one replacement bowl. The foam is a nice density, you can tell that when closed this case could be thrown around and your Incredibowl Mini and accessories will be safe.

The m420 Deluxe with quick draw trigger attached and my PackIt in the quick draw’s foam space.

After assembling the m420 with the quick draw attached I was pleased to find out it still fits into the custom foam area. You don’t have much need for the custom cut left behind once the quick draw is removed, but since the foam can be manipulated a little I found several things I could store in there that made life a little more convenient, like a stir tool, a lighter, and my PackIt.

I have to say I am as happy with the Incredibowl m420 Deluxe as I am with my i420 Deluxe. The case not only protects my m420 perfectly, but also makes carrying it around with me even easier not having to worry about anything breaking in my pocket.

The only place I have found the m420 Deluxe is on and, which is also EZVapes. The price just lowered recently by about $20 from what I had paid, so you can get a better deal now than ever.

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