Incredibowl m420 vs Fumo Pipe

Incredibowl m420 and The Fumo Pipe

Incredibowl m420 and The Fumo Pipe head to head.

Incredibowl Mini vs. The Fumo Pipe

The Incredibowl Mini m420 and the Fumo Pipe are both small portable smoking devices designed to make your smoking experience both quick and enjoyable. They both use a shatter proof polycarbonate expansion chamber and both use a quick release system.

The two big differences are the Fumo Pipe’s push button design compared to the Bowl Armor system the Incredibowl uses and the bowl pieces they use. The Fumo Pipe is a little easier to light because the bowl is on top, however, the bowl is brass as opposed to glass.

Despite the shorter tube on the Fumo Pipe, they are both the same size when put together.

So the Fumo Pipe is easier to light, but most would prefer a glass bowl, especially for cleaning. The Fumo Pipe has a push button on top that is actually a little easier to use than pulling the Bowl Armor but the button really adds another piece to clean. You have to pull it out of the Fumo Pipe and actually clean it so you don’t experience clogging.

Looking at both overall I have to give the victory to the Incredibowl Mini. Not only for its increased durability but it also requires less maintenance all while being just as portable.

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  • Rjg3rjg

    Take a 12 inch incredibowl extension and switch out the fumos glass tube. #heavenmf

  • Demonte

    You say you’re giving the victory to the Incredibowl Mini with durability as one of your criteria. I have to disagree, respectfully, as you mentioned, the Incredibowl has a glass bowl. The piece with increased durability would be the Fumo with its fully metal and polycarbonate plastic construction – the Incredibowl will easily break with an impact inside its “bowl armor.”

    • Dbo


  • Demonte

    Also at purchase the Fumo Pipe can be accessorized with a glass or brass bowl for your preferences over taste and or corrosion, so that is not a point of sale for the Incredibowl. That being said, I’ve used both, I prefer the upright bowl and springed button carb of the Fumo – however as mentioned in this review I agree that it requires weekly cleaning to keep its action smooth. Also, it’s just personal preference, but I think my incredibowl looks a lot more wild than my fumo, it’s got some futuristic industrial design going on and looks more like a precision tool than a pipe. Make your own choice. I just wanted to clear some stuff up.

  • Dbo

    FUMO PIPE WINS HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Adam Kes

      What’s up man! I’ve seen you post and support the thread! I use to get delivery from captain cookies but he’s not taking any more clients 🙁 do you by chance have any other recommendations