Incredibowl Parts and Accessories Guide

Incredibowl has been releasing parts and accessories left and right for both the Incredibowl Mini and the Incredibowl i420. Below is a list of all the known parts and accessories for both, broken down by i420 and m420.

Incredibowl i420

10″ Expansion Chamber

The 10″ expansion chamber replaces your standard expansion chamber that arrives with your i420, giving you a lot more space for larger pulls. The extra space also helps cool the smoke further, delivering an even smoother experience than before.

Replacement Bowl

The standard Incredibowl i420 replacement bowl is the exact bowl that comes with your i420. Whether you broke your original or you need another one for use when cleaning, this bowl will do the trick.

Mini Bowl

The smaller bowl is great for when you are looking for a quick session with your i420. Currently the smaller mini bowl is only available when you purchase the Incredibowl Deluxe Edition.

Deluxe Case

The deluxe case that comes with the Incredibowl Deluxe Edition is a black hard shell carrying case with custom foam that fits the i420, standard bowl, mini bowl, and metal poker. Currently the case is only available when you purchase the Incredibowl Deluxe Edition.

Incredibowl m420

10″ Expansion Chamber

Same idea as the i420 10″ expansion, but the mini expansion also comes with 2 replacement black rubber caps as well.

The Incredibowl m420 Quick Draw lets you carb the m420 with one hand.

Quick Draw Release

The Incredibowl Mini quick draw trigger enables you to hold and carb your Incredibowl m420 all with one hand. Instead of having to pull the Bowl Armor, you simply press down the trigger. It also comes with a keychain clip as well, so you can clip your m420 to your keys, backpack, pants, wherever!

Glass Sherlock Pipe

The glass sherlock pipe replaces the expansion chamber with an all glass sherlock style pipe. This also points the Incredibowl Mini’s bowl straight up in the air, making it easier to light. This piece is extremely hard to find, but definitely worth the investment if you do.

Replacement Bowl

The standard replacement bowl to replace your lost, broken, or dirty bowl that came with your m420 when you got it.

Glass Expansion Chamber

The m420 glass expansion chamber is the same size as the standard m420 expansion chamber but made from glass as opposed to polycarbonate. This is mostly more of a preference thing, but the glass expansion chamber does make cleaning a lot easier. Instead of just washing with water you can actually put the glass chamber into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Replacement Screens

I’ve only seen these sold one place ( and they are so cheap it is a waste not to snatch them up. These replace the screen located at the end of the spring in the m420 and are always best to replace rather than clean.

Deluxe Case

Also an exclusive, the Incredibowl Mini Deluxe Edition gives you a water resistant hard shell case with custom foam to hold the m420, one replacement bowl, and the quick draw trigger. When you order the Deluxe you get the additional items right in the case when it arrives. This is a must have for Incredibowl Mini fans. They also sell the case separate in case you already have an m420.

Incredibowl Vapor Dome

The Vapor Dome is an elusive creature. There have been several pictures floating around online of it and basically it turns your Incredibowl Mini + Sherlock Pipe into a vaporizer. It consists of the m420 attached to the sherlock pipe, then inserted into a wooden base to stand it straight up. From there there is a glass dome attachment that runs up from the Mini’s bowl armor. It appears this set up is for oils and concentrates rather than herbs, but only time will tell when someone finally gets their hands on one.

Repair Kit

The Incredibowl Mini repair kit is a small container that comes with a replacement glass bowl, 2 black rubber rings that can replace those on the end of your expansion chamber, 5 replacement screens, and 2 o-rings. A nice little bundle for those who are using their m420 constantly.

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  • Metallica2252

    I cant find screens for the i420 Anywhere, where do you buy them?