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On September 8, 2011
Last modified:November 15, 2013


The Incredibowl Pipes offer an extremely smooth smoking experience that normally would be something you'd find from a water tool. If you need a nice portable smoke pipe the Incredibowl is definitely what you have been waiting for!

The Incredibowl pipe (i420 Deluxe pictured here) is a one of a kind portable smoking device that above all stresses ease of use, durability and portability. Both the Incredibowl i420 and its little brother, the Incredibowl m420, have been greeted with extremely good reviews since their introduction, but do all these rave reviews have any substance to them? Or is it just the newest product in an already crowded market? Keep reading our Incredibowl review to find out!

The Incredibowls may not look very durable at first glance, but when you actually get your hands on one you can tell it can take a ridiculous beating. The i420 Incredibowl is about 8″ tall while the Mini m420 is about 5″ tall. The anodized aluminum “Bowl Armor” basically encases the glass bowl and protects it from damage, so if you are taking the Incredibowl everywhere with you then the only breakable part on the Incredibowl will be protected. The expansion chamber is made of a shatter proof polycarbonate, there are literally videos of people running the expansion chamber over with their car and it not breaking in the least bit.

So after some initial inspection of both the i420 and the m420 I was impressed. Now it was time to give it a go for the first time. I removed the glass bowl and packed my material in it tightly. I chose to use my grinder before loading the material. I took my lighter and lit the bowl while pulling from the expansion chamber. After pulling for a few seconds I could tell there was a huge pull of smoke in there so I pulled the Bowl Armor and cleared the chamber.

The pulls from both the Incredibowl Mini m420 and Incredibowl i420 are very smooth and fresh. It felt like I was using a water tool but without the water, absolutely awesome. The only real complaint I had about the Incredibowl i420 was that I couldn’t really see the bowl as I was lighting it, making it a little awkward at times. However, I did not have this problem with the Incredibowl Mini m420.

The Incredibowl definitely delivers on a lot of what you may have heard about it already, but for the full in depth reviews of the Incredibowl pipes click below.

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