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Review of: m420 Deluxe
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On May 22, 2013
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Although the case isn't as good as the one that comes with the i420, the Incredibowl m420 Deluxe does give you the most popular accessory, the sherlock pipe, right in the package making it a great deal.

At a cursory glance, the first thing that really stands out to me when reviewing the m420 Deluxe kit is, unfortunately, the price. At $150 compared to a mere $65 for the base unit, I was feeling a bit doubtful that the kit’s bounties would adequately suffice the sizable mark-up. Fortunately for the person reading this, my trepidations proved to be unfruitful. It is in fact, a can’t miss deal.

Incredibowl m420 Deluxe

Assuming we all know by now how wonderfully novel the Incredibowls are with their unique steam-roller carbing system and the m-class being super portable and discreet, we’re going to jump right into the heart of just what exactly you get for the extra bread you’ll be laying out.

First up is the carrying case. Super handy. And I know everyone out there is thinking like I did, ” why would I need a case? I can just store it anywhere. ” Well my dear friends, you need a case for two very good reasons. The first one is the simplest and most obvious, and that is, so you do NOT break or lose your incredibowl. Two scenarios that regrettably have befallen me more times than I care to remember with more pieces than I can count.

Incredibowl's logo is proudly embossed on the top of each case...

Incredibowl’s logo is proudly embossed on the top of each case…

The case is nifty not just because it completely protects your instrument, but also because it’s a lot harder to lose a carrying case rather than a pipe the size of a tiny little vaporizer. Keep it stowed away inside and you’ll always know just where to go. The second reason the case shines is because, the Incredibowl is an amazing piece of vapor technology, and as such, should be shown the extra care and consideration it merits. That means all the different parts and accessories it comes with need to be looked after and kept safe and in arm’s reach. Enter the case. You get to keep all things Incredibowl under one roof. I need that kind of streamlined possibility to make owning extra parts a practical endeavor. All others similar to my disorganized self I’m sure can easily relate.

Up next is the repair kit they throw you to keep the ol’ girl looking and vaping like new. You’re gonna get a bunch of replacement screens, spare o-rings and black rubber caps(expansion tube ends) along with the coup de gras’, a full glass replacement bowl head should you ever smash the stock one.

...and the cases come in an assortment of colors, most times matching the m420's color.

…and the cases come in an assortment of colors, most times matching the m420’s color.

Now that’s covered. And you have to remember, this kit is especially important because it’s not a “cleaning” kit as one automatically thinks when they hear the words. Nay, it’s a “repair” kit, which means that it has all the tiny little pieces and odds and ends that you’ll have to otherwise send away to receive after something happens. It gives it all to you here, so you can instantly resurrect the piece and breathe new life into it should a disaster befall it. Nice.

The last aspect I want to mention is the real bonus of buying a deluxe kit. It’s not some shoddy, cheaply made add-on they throw in to justify the price. Nope. You get the real deal, tried-and-true, much talked about Sherlock Pipe attachment. Which I’ve gotta tell you, I absolutely love to use with my Incredibowl, and really feel it gives you a whole new level of vaporization. I mean first thing is, it’s a big chamber in there. That’s a good thing.

Second thing is, it’s all made of very strong, very easily cleaned glass, so it really is no fuss and all and looks very sharp when affixed. Highly, highly recommended. Also, I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the Turtle Dome add-on for the Incredibowls, but it’s a sick little device that allows you to throw concentrates on a nail and really put your Incredibowl into hyperspace.

I like to still carry my standard tube along with the m420 connected to the sherlock.

I like to still carry my standard tube along with the m420 connected to the sherlock.

The thing is though, the Sherlock Pipe and the Turtle dome are sold separately, so without that Pipe attachment to connect the dome to the Incredibowl, you’re not going to be able to max out with this little dandy of a vape. My advice is to get the deluxe kit, and then follow up that purchase with a Turtle dome in the near future. Word to the wise.

All in all, at $149 bucks, the peace of mind and heightened enjoyment the deluxe kit affords the consumer is well worth the extra 80 or so beans it takes to rustle one up. Yes, you are spending more, but you are covering your bases by making sure the unit stays protected and locatable(carrying case, having the proper pieces on hand for an immediate fix should you lose a small odd or end off the unit(repair kit), and lastly, amping up your own enjoyment and quality-of-use with the amazing Incredibowl(Sherlock Pipe). While it’s not always the wise choice, in this particular case, it pays to not be a cheapskate. Pony up and thank me later for the advice.

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