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Incredibowl Mini m420 Review

The Incredibowl Mini m420 is the product of a lot of Incredibowl fans clamoring for something just a little more portable than the Incredibowl i420. The idea was to keep the durability and ease of use the i420 offered and just shrink it down to something more manageable for those that are always on the run. Is the Incredibowl m420 a success or does it leave something to be desired, lets find out.

The Incredibowl Mini m420 is only about 5” making it about 4” shorter than its older brother the i420. So right away you will notice that the Incredibowl Mini looks pretty much identical to the Incredibowl i420 but a decent amount smaller. The m420 feels pretty solid, both the Bowl Armor and expansion chamber feel like they can take a huge beating. The Bowl Armor is what wraps around the glass bowl in an annular fashion, providing it vital protection from breaking. The Incredibowl Mini was packaged in a small black cardboard box that read “m420” in large white writing, nothing you would keep to carry it in though. Where I bought my Incredibowl it came with a free acrylic grinder so that was a nice addition. But other than that there weren’t any cleaning accessories or anything like that to speak of.

Using the Incredibowl Mini m420 is very easy. First you pack the included glass bowl, you can either pack it with ground up material or whole. I found that grinding first and then packing it really tight worked the best. When I was using whole “pods” of my material it seemed like I didn’t get as much out of it. Once it is packed all you have to do is hold a lighter up to the bowl. Hold the flame right in front of the material, DO NOT hold the lighter under the glass bowl. If you hold the lighter under it you can heat the bowl too much and crack or break it. When you have the flame in front of your material just pull through the expansion chamber and it will pull the flame into your material. You’ll immediately see the chamber fill with smoke, keep pulling until your desired amount of smoke is in the chamber. Once it is filled simply pull on the Bowl Armor and it will let fresh air in, clearing the chamber.

The m420 easily comes apart to make cleaning fast and simple.

Despite its small size, the Incredibowl Mini delivers very big pulls. It was kind of deceiving when looking at it because I didn’t think the pulls would be as large as they were. Although the pulls can be very large, if you wish, they are by no means harsh. Each pull I took with the Incredibowl Mini m420 gave me a nice and smooth pull. The annular Bowl Armor works great as a release carb and you can even purchase an optional quick draw release system that will make opening the Bowl Armor even easier. The reason I believe they came up with this system is because the Bowl Armor on the Incredibowl m420 is pretty small. I didn’t find it too small to work properly or anything like that, but I can definitely see where the quick draw system would help. The Incredibowl really shines with its small size. Nothing really new is offered here when comparing the i420 and m420, but if you need something really small that is easy to use and maintain then you definitely want the Incredibowl Mini.

There isn’t much I don’t like about the Incredibowl Mini m420. One of the only complaints I would have is due to its smaller size it does kind of sacrifice a little bit of its durability. The anodized aluminum Bowl Armor is still very strong, as is the shatter proof polycarbonate expansion chamber, but the glass bowl is very close to the edge of the Bowl Armor. What I mean is since it is smaller the edge of the glass bowl comes closer to making contact with the Bowl Armor. So a drop can cause the glass bowl to touch the Bowl Armor and risk breaking it. I only broke one glass bowl in my time with the Incredibowl Mini m420 and that was more due to my own stupidity rather than the m420’s durability. Just keep in mind that the Incredibowl m420 won’t be able to take the same beating the Incredibowl i420 can.

If the Incredibowl i420 was a little too big for your liking then the Incredibowl Mini is going to be perfect for you. The Incredibowl m420 is small enough to fit right in your pocket and if you do pick up the quick draw release system there is even a hole on it to make the Incredibowl Mini fit onto a key ring, adding some extra portability and transportation options. I would recommend the Incredibowl Mini to anyone who has yet to find a portable smoking solution that is both quick and convenient.

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