m420 Turtle Dome Concentrate Set

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On June 24, 2013
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The turtle dome set turns one of the best portable smoking pipes into an absolute powerhouse oil vaporizer. Definitely recommended for anyone who owns the Incredibowl m420.

Incredibowl m420 Turtle Dome Concentrate Set

When I got this assignment to review the m420’s new Turtle Dome apparatus, I gotta tell you, I was stoked. I mean, this is it. This is tops when it comes to fun, potency, and well, cutting edge. How right I was. Well, that’s what they pay me for ya know?

To know the products, and to know when a good thing comes along. The m420 Turtle Dome is a very good thing. It basically transforms your Incredibowl into a full-blown concentrate powerhouse that is, wait for it, also portable. Now beat that. A portable nail. Simply awesome.

What wasn’t so awesome though, is the fact that the manufacturers make you buy a third separate piece(Sherlock Pipe attachment) in order to even use the Turtle Dome at all. What’s that you say? You have to buy yet another piece on top of the base unit and the dome set? In a nutshell, yes. That’s why I highly recommend getting the Deluxe kit right out of the gate, so that you’re running when you hit the ground, and only need to make a single purchase more to enjoy the many exquisite fruits this little glass piece imparts. The Turtle Dome retails for about 80 beans which is very reasonable, considering that you’re getting 100% glass and a GonG brand downstem(darn near indestructible) at that.

There is a "Sherlock Home" made specifically for turtle dome users. (Pictured Right)

There is a “Sherlock Home” made specifically for turtle dome users. (Pictured Right)

The device affixes easily to the Sherlock Pipe to complete the trifecta, and voila, you are ready to dab your nail. Initial attempts proved challenging for me as the nail is quartz and rounded and so you must use restraint when applying the oil or you risk run-off and subsequent wastefulness. I can cheerily report though, that after a few dabs, I was getting the hang of it just fine, and the vapors were flowing thick and hearty. I would say though, that you are probably better off upgrading to the titanium nail(not included), and getting a flatter, harder surface that is going to hold the torch’s heat much better.

An easy fix here, and one I’m quite sure most who purchase this will have no issue addressing. Speaking of harder surfaces, while the glass is very durable, and of very high quality, it still is glass and yes, it can break if you’re not careful. Something worth mentioning as between the dome enclosure, the GonG stem and the Sherlock Pipe, there’s quite a bit of exposed surface that requires tender loving care from the end user. You have been warned.

I like to keep the glass nail and my regular bowl stored in the spaces provided.

I like to keep the glass nail and my regular bowl stored in the spaces provided.

Now for the actual experience itself. Well, of course I’m going to state the obvious and say flat out, this is no full-blown oil rig. But hey, it is portable, and hey hey, it works exceptionally well. The news is, you don’t need the whole fancy expensive get-up of a rig to enjoy the finer concentrates in life. All you need is a solid device from a reputable brand that delivers consistently, and after thorough usage and deliberation, I’ve got to say, the guys over at Incredibowl have really “nailed” it!

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