Incredibowl m420 vs Fumo Pipe

Incredibowl Mini vs. The Fumo Pipe The Incredibowl Mini m420 and the Fumo Pipe are both small portable smoking devices designed to make your smoking experience both quick and enjoyable. They both use a shatter proof polycarbonate expansion chamber and … Continue reading

How do you clean the Incredibowl?

The easiest way to clean your Incredibowl is using boiling water. Cleaning both the glass bowl and the Bowl Armor can be done by just dropping it into a pot of boiling water. Just make sure you do not put … Continue reading

Tips and Tricks

Incredibowl i420 Packing the Incredibowl i420 When packing the Incredibowl always remove the glass bowl from the Bowl Armor completely. One fault with the Incredibowl is that the glass bowl can push into the Bowl Armor and make it extremely … Continue reading

How to Use

How to Use the Incredibowl The following are some simple step by step instructions to follow when using your Incredibowl. These steps can be used with either the Incredibowl i420 or the Incredibowl Mini m420. Step 1: Pack the glass … Continue reading

m420 vs i420

Incredibowl i420 vs Incredibowl m420 The two versions of the Incredibowl may seem very straight forward as to which you should purchase, but there is definitely more to delve into other than ‚Äúthis one is big and this one is … Continue reading