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Incredibowl i420

Packing the Incredibowl i420

  • When packing the Incredibowl always remove the glass bowl from the Bowl Armor completely. One fault with the Incredibowl is that the glass bowl can push into the Bowl Armor and make it extremely hard to get back out. To avoid it completely just make a habit of removing the glass bowl when packing it.
  • Always pack the glass bowl as tight as possible. When you are burning the material and it isn’t packed tight I experienced the material falling out a lot, even when tilting the Incredibowl slightly upwards. So whether you grind or leave your material whole just make sure it is packed tight.

Using the Incredibowl i420

  • Never hold the flame of your lighter to the glass bowl itself, instead hold the flame right in front of your material in the bowl. If you light the bowl you have to remember it is glass and heating it can cause it to break or crack. Also never use a butane torch of any kind to light the Incredibowl. Doing that you will pretty much guarantee it breaking.
  • Although aiming the lighter at the bowl can be difficult because you can’t see the bowl really there is a simple trick that helps a lot. Hold the lighter out and instead of bringing the lighter to the bowl, bring the bowl to the lighter. I held the lighter out and then put the bowl right in front of it and then just moved my face to the expansion chamber and pulled. Works really well until you get a hang of lighting it quickly and easily.
  • When you are done using the Incredibowl ALWAYS make sure you do two things. First, remove the expansion chamber and unscrew the piece containing the screen. Once removed, take a small brush and wipe off the screen. This is going to make sure you don’t clog up your screen and make the smoking experience not as nice. Second, take the glass bowl and throw it in warm water to soak until the next time you use it. This won’t completely clean it but it will at the very least keep it from building up too much until you eventually give it a proper cleaning.

Each screen cap unscrews easily so you can clean or insert a new screen.

Cleaning the Incredibowl i420

  • The easiest way to clean the Incredibowl is by first boiling a pot of water and throwing the bowl and the Bowl Armor into the boiling water. You don’t need to leave it in there long, about 5 minutes. Once you pull them out just rinse them off and it should all wash away very easily.
  • If you are just cleaning the glass bowl itself do NOT use Acetone or any type of typical glass cleaner. Instead soak the bowls in Isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl is actually a cheaper option as well. Just don’t forget to rinse them off with water afterwards to remove the cleaner.

Incredibowl Mini m420

Packing the Incredibowl Mini m420

  • The Incredibowl Mini is actually a little easier to get the bowl out of the Bowl Armor if it is pushed all the way in so you don’t necessarily have to remove it to pack it, but I would still do so because you don’t want to have to dig the bowl out each time you clean it.

Using the Incredibowl Mini m420

  • When you light the Incredibowl Mini don’t hold the flame to the material for a really long time. Just light it real quick and pull. That should get you the perfect amount in the expansion chamber.
  • After you pull once you can actually shut the Bowl Armor really quickly and take multiple pulls without re-lighting the Incredibowl. Doing a couple quick small pulls works just as well as one really big pull.

If you have trouble removing the bowl, simply remove the screen cap and use a thin object (like this metal poker) to push it out the other end.

Cleaning the Incredibowl Mini m420

  • Cleaning the Incredibowl Mini is done the same as cleaning the Incredibowl i420. Simply soak the glass bowl and the Bowl Armor in boiling water for about 5 minutes. That should eliminate any built up material after you rinse it off.
  • When you want to clean the expansion chamber don’t put it in boiling water like you do with the rest of the parts because just like with the i420 expansion chamber it can warp or melt. Just rinse it off with hot water and scrub.

For more tips and tricks on both the Incredibowl i420 and the Incredibowl Mini m420 check out

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  • Forest

    My bowl broke taking it out need new one now this sucks… Used it one time ?

    • Julia Philipp

      Push it out from the bottom with the eraser end of a pencil.